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[Guide] How to Build A Fusion Reactor
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19 Sep 2021
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25 Sep 2021

This guide will show you how to build a self-sustainable fusion reactor, meaning once it's built you will not have to maintain it.

This build requires:

30 Electric Turbines

32 Electromagnets

32 Electromagnet Glass

1   Fusion Reactor

1   Chemical Extractor

1   Aqueous Accumulator

Any building blocks, I used Iron blocks.

Anything that transfers power, I suggest using Redstone Conduits.

Anything that transfers liquid, I suggest using Fluiducts and a servo

Step 1

Place your fusion reactor, preferably a few blocks above the ground for ease of access.

Step 2

Place electromagnets around the fusion reactor.

Step 3

Create an outer ring like this with the rest of the electromagnets

Step 4

Create a ring like this with electromagnet glass.

Step 5

Make a ring like this around the build.

Step 6

Fill in the area with water and connect a conduit to the fusion reactor.

Step 7

Place turbines above the water.

Step 8

Connect each turbine to a turbine.

Step 9

Make a pool of water for the Aqueous Accumulator.

Step 10

Place the Aqueous Accumulator inside the pool of water.

Step 11

Place the Chemical Extractor on top of the Aqueous Accumulator.

Step 12

Run a conduit down to the Chemical Extractor to power it and run a fluiduct line from the extractor to the bottom of the fusion reactor, make sure to set the direction to output with a wrench and use a servo on it and set it to ignore redstone to send deuterium to the fusion reactor

Step 13

Use another power source to kickstart the fusion reactor, note that it will take a minute or so for the fusion reactor to start up because the chemical extractor has to create deuterium for the reactor.

Step 14

Once you can see the plasma in the chamber you can remove your power source. 

You now have a self-sustained Fusion Reactor.

The end

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